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Reservations will be considered valid only upon receipt, by the owner, of the deposit payment, equal to 30% of the total amount of the all-inclusive rental, made by means of a bank transfer to the coordinates provided by mail, upon acceptance of the proposal;
Upon arrival, the drivers must provide the documents of each component for subsequent registration;The balance must be paid 30 days before the start of the stay.
The delivery of the apartments is from 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM on the day of arrival, after this time, agreed in any case with the property, there is an extra charge of €. 25.00 for each apartment booked and €. 100.00 if it affects the entire villa. It should be noted that after 00.00 am on the day of the beginning of the holiday, not showing up, will constitute a missed presence, which can immediately re-rent the accommodation and retain what has been paid up to that time.
The apartments are delivered clean and tidy, equipped with tools for cleaning and linen;
The tenant is responsible for emptying the rubbish bin taking away the rubbish, as well as cleaning the stove.
Any breakage of any object or damage will be charged to the tenant for payment.
The dishes and equipment of the house (chairs, tables, etc..) must be left in place.
The apartments are equipped to meet the needs of short stays, they guarantee the presence of kitchen, refrigerator, TV, hot and cold water, as well as the necessary equipment of dishes, pots, cutlery, coffee maker, mop, bucket, broom and scoop;
The apartments must be vacated no later than 10.00 AM on the day of departure;
Those who have specific and mandatory needs, it is advisable to inform themselves before booking and ask for all the necessary explanations, before deciding on the choice of apartment;
To avoid any intolerance of the guests present are not allowed pets.
It is extremely important to respect the number of beds established.
Finally, it is forbidden for guests to organize private parties inside the structure.
Electricity - will be charged €. 5.00 daily for apartment or € 25.00 daily for the whole villa.
Linen - will be charged €. 15.00 for week or fraction for guest. On request an additional set can be provided at the same price.
Daily water contribution - €. 2,00 for person
Final cleaning - will be charged €. 30,00 for apartment; €. 150,00 for the whole villa
Pouf/additional bed €. 15,00 daily
Any other requests for services;

Pacts and conditions
It is forbidden to move furniture and/or make any changes to the apartment;
The owner keeps a copy of the keys of the house;
A maximum number of people (adults + children) may stay in the property, not exceeding the number indicated at the time of booking. A number of people in excess of the agreed number constitutes a cause for unilateral withdrawal of the owner without any compensation charge;
The tenant is responsible for his cohabitants, inside the apartment, for the purposes of public safety regulations, for any damage they may cause and / or cause; the same on arrival must show the owner, his identity document, as well as that of the people living with him during the rental;
The furniture and appliances in the house must be checked at the check-in. In case of malfunction, the owner will repair or purchase the missing items. In any case, since these are places where, during the summer season, it is difficult to find technicians or to find household appliance shops or to transport material, repairs and replacements will be carried out within the times compatible with the individual realities of the moment and according to the availability of the technicians responsible for the repair;
The tenant releases the owner / landlord from any liability for damage to persons and / or property that may occur during the stay, for any reason;
The tenant expressly undertakes, at the time of return of the house to reimburse any damage caused by himself or others to furniture and / or property, including the cost of removing stains from sofas, mattress covers, walls, pillows, clogging toilet and sinks, detachments of sockets, damage to equipment, broken or lost dishes. In cases of difficult assessment of the damage, the tenant pays a sum that will be equalized after the repair, even in the case of hidden damage, ie damage that is discovered after the release of the house, the tenant is obliged to reimburse the owner for the repair / purchase of broken parts and / or laundry costs;
In case of sudden interruptions of public and/or private services (electricity, sewers, water, etc..) that do not allow the use of part or all of the stay, the owner of the apartment will try, as far as possible, to accommodate the tenant in another house, if this is not possible will be refunded the sums paid for the stay or for the part of it not used. In any case, any other reimbursement for moral or material damages suffered by the tenant is excluded. If the cancellation is due to force majeure that prevents the smooth running of the stay if they are not removed within 72 hours of the occurrence of the event or it was not possible to change apartment, will be refunded all amounts received for the stay or for the part of it not used;
All cancellations will result in the loss of the deposit. In case of early departures there is no right to a refund.
Any breakdowns, must be reported immediately in order to repair as soon as possible, but always compatible with the availability of material and personnel specialized on site;
Any complaints must be reported immediately to the owner within 24 hours of arrival. In the absence of this or an explicit authorization, the drivers who leave the accommodation prematurely, will lose all rights or any refund of the rent not enjoyed. Any complaint made at the end of the stay or after departure will not be taken into consideration;
The electrical system is in perfect working order, certified according to current regulations, the surfaces of the steps are non-slip, the stairs are equipped with handrails, the apartments are adaptable but not adapted to overcome architectural barriers, the conductor and his cohabitants must pay all possible attention not to run into domestic accidents.
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