La Finestra sulle Eolie
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Our Holiday Home

The Holiday Home, located at the edge of the Nebrodi Park on the SS. 117 Sicula, 5 km from Santo Stefano di Camastra, is called "the window on the Aeolian Islands", as it is located on a sloping hill in a green valley with the sea and the Aeolian Islands as a backdrop, which stand out on the horizon embellishing the location, showing it to the eyes of the visitor as a watercolor, in which stand out shades of color ranging from green, ochre, up to the blue of the sea.
   The five apartments of various sizes enjoy the same perspective and are named after five of the Aeolian Islands, the Mediterranean's pearls: Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Salina and Alicudi. They are located in 16,000 square meters of land, planted with olive trees and fruit trees, whose paths allow hiking or tracking, between the silence, interrupted only by the chirping of birds.
  The first four accommodations are located on three distinct levels, while Alicudi, located on the outskirts of the property in a highly panoramic point, reached by a convenient road between farms, enjoys a breathtaking view. All the apartments have separate entrances to promote privacy and tranquility of the holiday, are soberly furnished and equipped and embellished with artistic ceramics of Santo Stefano di Camastra.
  The size of the complex, has allowed to reserve for guests a barbecue area, dedicated to barbecues and outdoor dining, one specifically dedicated to children with swimming pool and various games and a terrace, overlooking the valley and as a backdrop to the beautiful Aeolian Islands, beautiful at sunset, where you can have a drink while talking, or at night with the light off, admire the starry sky, which wraps you like a warm blanket.
Since 2019, our structure, in order to collect the suggestions of our follwers, has developed a partnership, with two Yoga schools, which gave rise to 3 meditation retreats, held in May, August and October of the previous year, with the support of two teachers of this discipline. In addition, the August retreat registered the participation of the master Tenzin Dorje, with worldwide recognized certificates. The courses were held over three days, full immersion, in contact with the lush and lush nature of the Nebrodi Park, on the edge of which our villa is located, and involved both practice and meditation, combined with a healthy diet, provided by the Ladies Chef, Angela and Ivana, enrolled in the F.i.C., and their staff, allowing participants to taste dishes of our regional tradition, as well as haute cuisine, prepared with products and raw materials of the area. A further event with the participation of 25 people is scheduled for the end of May. To finish this short presence, it is worth remembering that during 2019, our structure is equipped with a swimming pools with Jacuzzi, also equipped with water heating, each can accommodate up to 6 guests. In winter, has been placed in the veranda of the apartment Lipari, in order to give guests a feeling of well-being, immersed in the warmth of the water and also supported by a wood stove, which will make your stay even more romantic.
You can find us on Facebook and WathsApp at +39 335 524 8107 or +39 393 075 1209 or write to us at:
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