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1st Retreat from 10th to 12th May 2019
Our structure hosted for the first retreat a large group of passionate Yogis, coming from northern Italy, supported by the logistic contribution of Yogemy and Yoga Tendency. The event took place in the name of relaxation, dedicated to body and spirit, in contact with nature in the pristine setting of our villa, surrounded by green olive groves and fruit trees, in the 16,000 square meters of its extension, on the edge of the Nebrodi Park and the surrounding area. The group was followed by two excellent teachers: Emanuela and Roberta. The exercises on Sunday, due to the adverse weather conditions, took place at the Palazzatto dello Sport in Santo Stefano di Camastra, made available to us.

2nd Retreat from 23 to 25 August 2019
Thanks to the success encountered, new requests have been received for a further meditation meeting at our structure, certainly favoured by the silence of the surrounding space, by the green of nature where it is inserted, representing the most suitable place, outside the narrow city spaces, to immerse oneself in those realities of oriental philosophy, which yoga infuses. So Yogaemy and YogaTendency, have planned a new meeting, with master Tenzin Dorej (Ignazio Accardi), who will guide the participants to the awareness of their body and understanding of negative mental states, those that every day pollute the mind, making it suffering and never satisfied. The goal is the method to work to dissipate ordinary problems through meditative practices, developing a more satisfied and happy mind. The retreat was open to everyone, whether novices, beginners, intermediates or experts. Short biography of the teacher Ignazio Accardi ( Tenzin DorJe): Besides being a Yoga teacher, Head of School of the Phen De Ciò Ling Centre in Palermo, he collaborates with the Mahayana FPMT Buddhism Centres, Muni Gyama Centre in Palermo, ILTK Pomaia, Tara Bianca Genova. He also collaborates with the magazines "Vivere lo Yoga", and "Yoga quotidiano". He is also recognized by Yoga Alliance and International as Expert Teacher, E-RYT 250 Plus Worrldwide, International Yoga Professional India.

3rd Pickup from 4th to 6th October 2019
The enthusiasm of the participants in the previous editions, resulted in further requests to repeat these experiences, immersed in the nature of the Nebrodi Mountains, at the edge of which is located our villa, which on that occasion welcomed the large group of participants at the 3rd Yoga retreat. The program, designed and developed by the two teachers Emanuela and Roberta, was divided into theoretical lessons - full immersion practices, which took place both inside the villa and in the woods of Mistretta, to merge the participation of the group with naturalistic experiences. The course was accompanied by the tasting of both regional dishes and haute cuisine, prepared by Ladies Chef Angela and Ivana, supported by their staff. The composition, together with the presentation, the taste of the raw materials used, linked to the territory, gathered unanimous appreciation among the participants of the event. At the end of the course, after the delivery of the ritual certificates of participation, the yogis have commonly expressed keen interest in planning a further meeting.
Below are some photos of the events, authorized by the participants for publicity purposes.

from 23 to 25 August 2019
from 10th to 12th May 2019
4th to 6th October 2019
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